Cap Levels

Level 1 - Pink Caps

  • pool swim 25 metres
  • open water swim 25 metres
  • survival float for 20 seconds
  • wading and negotiating the waves in and out
  • demonstrate being confident in the waves
  • diving under a wave
  • gliding onto a wave from standing position
  • run wade run 25m x 50m x 25m
  • body board using leash, catching a wave, paddling 
  • six theory questions

Level 2 - Blue Caps - 200m Safety Badge

  • pool swim 50 metres
  • open water swim 50 metres
  • wading with correct technique
  • negotiating waves in and out
  • survival float for 30 seconds
  • body surfing catching a wave, stroke on wave
  • tread water 30 seconds
  • run swim (or dolphin dive) run 30m x 50m x 30m
  • paddling lying down, negotiating waves in and out 
  • six theory questions

Level 3 - Orange Caps

  • pool swim 100 metres
  • open water swim up to 100 metres
  • diving under a wave
  • wade, dolphin diving to waist depth, swim
  • body surfing, on a wave, stroking on wave
  • tread water 1 minute
  • run swim run 50m x 75m x 50m
  • achieving three of the following on a board: surfing along a wave with fins, going over the top of a wave on the way out, going under a wave, eskimo roll
  • six theory questions

Level 4 - Gold Caps

  • pool swim 200 metres in 7 minutes
  • ocean water swim 200 metres
  • swim with a tube, fins and patient
  • diving under wave, pushing off the bottom
  • body surfing, swimming to catch a wave
  • tread water 1 minute
  • run swim run 50m x 100m x 50m
  • board paddling, kneeling, negotiating surf, turning, catching a wave, and holding on, paddling with a patient
  • paddling with two on board
  • five theory questions

Level 5 - Green Caps

  • pool swim 200 metres in 5 minutes and/or ocean water swim 200 metres
  • diving under wave, 5 dolphin dives
  • body surfing, swimming to catch a wave
  • hand up for 30 seconds to signal for help - notify patrol captain before doing
  • swim with tube, fins and patient following a patient pick up
  • tread water 2 minutes, assistance required
  • run swim run 100m x 200m x 100m
  • board catching unbroken wave, turning around buoy, punching through white water, recovering from falling off your board
  • controlling your board and changing direction
  • paddle two to a board
  • pick up a patient on a board
  • four theory questions

Level 6 - Aqua Caps

  • pre requisite - level 5 award
  • 200 metre pool swim in 4.5 minutes
  • run swim run in the ocean (100m run including the wade, 200m swim, 100m run) in 7 minutes
  • tow a patient in a rescue tube a minimum distance of 30m the rescuer must wear flippers
  • six theory questions

Level 7 - Rookie Lifeguard Programme

Course Overview

The Rookie Lifeguard Programme has been designed to help junior surf members prepare to be a Surf Lifeguard. The Rookie Lifeguard Programme aims to promote "practical lifeguarding" to the younger members and develop strong ties between senior and junior members as a result of involvement.

Course Information

  • 13 years of age by the 1st October
  • swim 200 meters in a pool in under 4:30mins
  • current member of a SLS club
  • you will be assign to a life guard patrol for the season
  • complete all Rookie Surf Lifeguard Log Book Modules

Topics covered

  • health, sun smart & conservation
  • surf & swimming skills
  • role of a surf lifeguard and patrolling
  • signals, flags & radio operations
  • rescue, releases & tube rescue
  • first aid & emergency care
  • primary survey & CPR
  • practical surf skills
  • patrol equipment & clubhouse
  • surf life saving club structure and culture