Equipment Care

The club gear (boards, skis, etc) is expensive to purchase and to maintain. Most gear damage is avoidable.

Use of Waimarama Surf Club Gear:

• All boards should be carried not dragged across the sand.

• Use gear in designated areas, not around swimmers.

• Hard boards are not to be used in patrolled areas.

• Children are not to sit or lie on boards when on the sand.

• Avoid prolonged exposure in the sun - don't leave boards out in the sun.

• All boards should be laid, when not in use, fin up and nose facing into the wind.

• When you have finished - wash the equipment after use and put it away.

• No gear is to be taken away from the club without the approval of the Director of Junior Surf.

• If the gear is damaged the board must be removed from the water immediately and the coach advised.

Don't just leave our - YOUR gear on the beach - BRING it up - WASH it down and put it away!!!!