Health & Safety

Safety of your children is important to us as it is to you; the following are general rules for our club to help to keep your children safe and to enjoy your family time with the club.

Water Based Activities

  1. You should keep watch of your children at all times; under no circumstances should you expect lifeguards or instructors to take responsibility for your children. 
  2. Please be on time and you should make sure you sign your child in at the start of Junior Surf and make sure they are signed out at the end before they leave the beach, we take this matter seriously and will reprimand children (and parents!) if this is not followed.  Any lost child will involve a significant sea and land search and could stop all training at the beach, so this is important! 
  3. The sea is a dangerous place, if your child does not have confidence in the water or is worried about entering the water; please do not force them into water activities.
  4. As a minimum, there must be one adult or lifeguard to five children in the water; you should not let your children enter the water if this ratio is not present.
  5. All juniors should be wearing pink vests before entering into the water; no vest means no participation in water activities at Junior surf.
  6. The use of paddle boards is not permitted in the flagged area; please keep children out of the flagged area if they are using paddle boards. 
  7. Proper swimming attire must be warn, this is speedo's or swimming trunks for boys, togs or bikini togs for girls.  Proper fitting rash shirts and or wetsuits are also allowed.

Sun Burn and heat stroke

  1. Please ensure your children have sun screen, hat and rash shirt for activities on the beach. 
  2. Try to keep children hydrated during any extended training sessions.


  1. Keep aware of hazards at the club, we have stairs, balcony, equipment, fuel and chemicals on site.  Little ones need to be supervised at all times while at the club.
  2. No cell phones or camera's are permitted in the downstairs changing areas of the club.   
  3. Where training camps are held for our Ocean Athletes (older age groups) and where we travel to events outside of Hawkes Bay, it is your responsibility to ensure your children are going to be adequately looked after.

Medical Conditions

  1. If your child has any life threatening medical condition please advise the Junior Surf Director at the start of the season and remind your children's instructor of this at every training session.  Where it is considered dangerous, the Board reserves the right to prevent your child from participating in any training or event for this medical condition.

Thank you for your assistance in following these guidelines.

WSLC Board of Directors