Each weekend in the summer months our beach patrols set out the red and yellow flags to show the safest place to swim on our beach.

  • We make sure that the public are safe when they swim between the flags. 
  • We work with the public to prevent people getting into trouble, along with educating them on how to recognise the potential dangers.
  • We train new Surf Lifeguards how to identify potential victims and potential dangers.
  • We rescue people if they get into trouble while swimming.

Patrol Hours

Saturday 10.00am - 5:00pm - 7 hours
Sunday 10.00am - 5:00pm - 7 hours

Lifesaving is the club's foremost concern and Waimarama is patrolled each weekend by volunteer lifeguards throughout the summer months from November until mid March. During December and January period, paid lifeguards watch over the beach during the weekdays, ensuring beach users are safe.

Whilst on patrol, we set the red and yellow flags to surround the safest area on the beach. If necessary, we move these flags as the beach conditions change.

We are always looking for new volunteer lifeguards to help patrol our beach. If you are over 14, and able to swim, we WANT YOU! We are keen to train you  to become a volunteer surf lifeguard. Training takes approximately twenty six hours and typically courses a run on a Thursday and Friday night followed by full days on the Saturday and Sunday. Once you're a qualified lifeguard, you can expect to continue learning advanced skills, like performing first aid, driving our IRBs, all the way up to jumping out of helicopters!

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