Patrol Captains

Patrol captains are selected for their leadership skills, maturity lifeguarding skills. They are responsible for ensuring minimum patrol standards are met in accordance with the clubs Patrol Operations manual. This includes anticipating patrol member requirements for their rostered patrol day.

As of November 2011 all Patrol Captains must hold a Senior Lifeguard Award - Patrol Captain. To achieve this award they must have completed a minimum of two seasons patrolling, hold a Marine VHF Certificate and a level one First Aid Certificate and attended a one day Patrol Captains workshop.

Each patrol will also have a vice captain to assist the patrol captain in their duties.

Patrol Captains responsibilities include;

  • Making contact with their patrol members during the week prior to their assigned patrol date to ensure that patrolling members are available.
  • Ensuring sufficient lifeguards patrol on the allotted day.
  • Arrange club van transport to and from the beach
  • Holding a briefing at the start of patrol
  • Assigning tasks to patrolling members
  • Selecting the safe patrol area
  • Managing any incidents as they arise
  • Completing all patrol captains report forms and incident forms
  • Ensuring that the minimum patrol standards are met at all times in accordance with the Patrol Operations Manual
  • Ensuring all equipment is accounted for, washed and stored correctly
  • Holding a debrief at the end of patrol.